These are the rules, according to wiki founder TheCoolWikiDude, in order to keep this wiki safe.

Standard Rules

  • The warning screens (either domestic or international) must be from companies, not fake or ​homemade. Because TheCoolWikiDude STRICTLY PROHIBITS any fanon or fake FBI Warnings on this wiki. This also means no fake company FBI Warning Screens, too.
    No Fanon

    This means Fan stuff on this wiki is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


  • If you found something that doesn't belong, remember to use the delete template as the delete template is your friend. Then inform TheCoolWikiDude or the wiki admins.
  • No messing around.
  • No vandalizing a page.
  • No spamming (e.g. making categories that have nothing to do with this wiki).
  • NO FANON CONTENT (e.g. fake warning screens). Fanon Content is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!
  • No giving out your address.
  • No homemade VHS or DVD or Blu ray openings (Fanon is STRICTLY PROHIBITED here).
  • No profanities or bad languages (if you must swear, use symbols like these: !@#$%&)
  • Every page needs to be appropriately edited. Any fool or Wikia contributor can mess up them anytime for about five minutes. So don't mess a thing!
  • No comments featuring pornographic content.
  • No sock puppets or trolls. You'll never know who might be one.
  • Remember to give accurate details when describing a warning screen.
  • The most important rule of all is be a good editor and respect other users.

Other Rules

  • Any user saying anything offensive or using swear words, will be blocked for a week.
  • If you harass users or wiki founder TheCoolWikiDude, you will be blocked for a month.
  • If you use them too much, you're banned for infinity.

If there's any user causing trouble, please report to wiki founder TheCoolWikiDude or the wiki admins.

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