This is the warning screen from New Horizons Home Video and New Concorde.


New Horizons & Concorde Warning
Opening To Christmas Come To Willow Creek 1989 VHS

Opening To Christmas Come To Willow Creek 1989 VHS

This is the warning screen, which looks is the same as 1982-1987 Embassy/Nelson Entertainment Warning Screen detail.

This warning screen has also been used for MCEG/Virgin VIsion Home Entertainment, MTM Home Video, Cloud Ten Pictures, Random House Video, Blockbuster Entertainment, J2 Communications, Madacy Entertainment, UAV Corporation (now Sterling Entertainment Group; for Samuel Goldwyn eras), MPI Home Video, and other VHS companies.

As seen on VHS and DVD, such as Little Miss Millions (1993), Watchers III (1994), Watchers Reborn (aka Watchers IV) (1998), Ice Crawlers (2002), Eat My Dust (1976), Death Race 2000 (1975), Grand Theft Auto (1977), Bloodfist (1989), Bloodfist II (1990), Bloofist III: Forced to Fight (1992), Bloodfist IV: Die Trying (1992), Not of this Earth (1995), Eruption (1998), Big Bad Mama (1974), Battle Beyond the Stars (1979), Mommy, Can I Keep Her? (1998), House of the D***** (1996), Desert Thunder (1999), Live by the Fist (1993), Revenge of the Red Baron (1994), Terror in Paradise (1995) and others.

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